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Improving Population
Health in Ohio

Our vision is to facilitate public/private partnerships and conduct critical, enduring, sustainable, and cost-effective public health projects and programming.

Issuing Grants

Conducting Work for Change


We're supporting the mission of the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio's State Health Improvement Plan.

Our grants issued and work conducted relate to:

  • Public health awareness and educational campaigns

  • Innovative public health program and prevention strategies

  • Priority public health issues

  • Conduct other work related to advancing positive changes in population health in Ohio


Related Resources

Learn from the following resource links about population health in Ohio and our priority public health issues:


State Health Improvement Plan

Ohio's "SHIP" is a tool to strengthen state and local efforts to improve health, well-being and economic vitality in Ohio. View PDF >


Social Determinants of Health

Learn about the conditions in the environments that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks. Read More >


Department of Health Resources

View a catalog of publicly available interactive applications containing data and information relevant to public health in Ohio. Visit ODH data >


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